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MUUD Care & Clean Effekt

EFFEKT care and protection liquid from muud for your leather bags and accessories.
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Keep your leather bags and accessories looking their best for many years to come. muud care is an effective care product made to keep your bags and accessories looking great. Use it to protect the leather surface of your new bag – and to care for your leather bags and accessories.

muud care is a natural and water-based product that absorbs quickly into the leather and does not need to be repolished. After just er few minutes, your leather item is ready for use – without you having to worry about the product leaving stains on your clothes.

How to use the product:
Apply muud care onto a clean sponge and rub into the leather surface.
Remember: Only use a very small amount.

NB: Not recommended for use on untreated skin, aniline skin, suede, nubuck and wild skin. Only use the product as described.

muud care prolongs the life of the leather and helps to keep the skin soft and supple as the product contains the nutrients and antioxidants that the leather needs.

• Protects the surface in one easy application
• Prolongs the life of the leather
• Suitable for all smooth leather types

Triisobutylphosphate, 5-chlor-2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-on, mixture (3:1) med 2-methyl-2H isothiazol-3-on.

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