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Private Shopping Appointments

Posted by Julie Verzosa on 2020 Oct 2nd

We are so happy to have private shopping appointments in addition to our regular shopping days.  we now offer private shopping on Monday and occasional Sundays and evenings.

Private shopping times have been introduced due to Covid 19.  We all have to be careful during these times.  We regularly clean and disinfect the shop, wear masks and maintain social distancing as much as possible.  We do understand that there are people that need to make/take every precaution available.  Maybe you have a compromised immune system, live with an elder or look after someone, unable to stand in line when the shop is busy or maybe your schedule doesn't allow for many shopping opportunities.  Anyone can book these appointments.

We have organized 1 hour time slots to accommodate you!  We limit these appointments to one person (you can bring a friend as long as they are in your bubble).  Hopefully this takes out some of the stress of being around too many people and can make your shopping experience more enjoyable and stress free.

It is easy to book too, just click here

If you don't want to book online, please call the shop at 604-576-4222 and we will happily assist you over the phone.

We are open for regular shopping Tuesday - Saturday from 10 - 5.  We do not book private shopping appointments during our regular store hours.  We do only allow two people at a time in the store, so sometimes you have to wait at the door.  We know all too well how much rain we get here on the coast.  Please bring an umbrella as we approach our usual fall weather.
Thank you so much for your support